2016 National Women's Conference

June 16-18, 2016

We invite you to the conference for women, but not all about women. It's a gathering of women around the Word of God. To this third TGC Women's Conference, we come joyfully but soberly, knowing that suffering meets us at every hand, right at home and all across the globe. What better book for us in 2016 than 1 Peter—packed with gospel perspective on our short lives. It's a little epistle, but it gives us a big view of who we are in Christ and how we are to live as redeemed sojourners in this world. How do we stand firm in God's true grace? How do we offer a strong shining witness to Jesus Christ even in the midst of fiery trials? Peter points us insistently to the Lord Jesus, to his suffering on our behalf, and to the resurrection life he makes possible for those who believe in him. At TGCW16 we won't be getting away from real life; we will be seeing it clearly, in light of gospel help and hope. By God's grace, we will go away better prepared to live and share resurrection life, in a world of suffering.

49 Speakers

39 Workshops

32 Focus Gatherings

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  • Prayer in the Psalms

    Tim Keller
  • A Word From a Mule (Psalm 32:9)

    Kathy Keller
  • Q & A on Prayer

    Kathy Keller, Tim Keller
  • Joining in Prayer

    Various Speakers

Plenary Sessions

  • Born Again to a Living Hope

    Kathleen Nielson

    1 Pet 1:1-12

  • Living Resurrection Life

    Jen Wilkin

    1 Pet 1:13-2:3

  • Remember Who You Are!

    Carrie Sandom

    1 Pet 2:4-10

  • Following Jesus Far From Home

    Mary Willson

    1 Pet 2:11-3:12

  • Sharing Christ's Sufferings; Showing His Glory

    Don Carson

    1 Pet 3:13-4:19

  • On the Persecuted Church

    Nancy Guthrie, Don Carson, K. A. Ellis, Mindy Belz, Nastaran Farahani

    Panel Discussion

  • A Shepherd and a Lion

    John Piper

    1 Peter 5

June 16-18, 2016

Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

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